September 27, 2018

Review AWS ASIA 2018

Are you an  e-commerce  entrepreneur  or an  Affiliate Marketer ?  Well, then you must have heard of AWS ASIA .  It is the off-line meeting hub ,  for all affiliate marketing geniuses.

This Affiliate World Conference occurs twice a year – once in Europe and another time in Asia. If you are looking for ways to increase your networking opportunities and communicate with leaders of the marketing world, then this is the “must-visit” event for you!We, team AdMavic, had the golden opportunity to visit the Affiliate World Asia Conference 2018. The conference took place in Bangkok from 5th to 6th December 2018. And the E commerce Mastery Live was on 7th December 2018. Both of these events took place at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre.

As mentioned earlier, marketers from around the globe come here to learn and network. This place is for both experts and newcomers, who generally come from drop shipping, affiliate network and e-commerce backgrounds. This year we attended the conference as an Affiliate.Here we had the golden opportunity to meet some of the brightest and biggest stars of the networking world.

  • Active Revenue – One of our business partners, Active Revenue is an independent Demand Side Platform that is utilized by agencies and marketing professionals. We were fortunate enough to meet and greet them at the event.
  • Bitter Strawberry – With so many awards in its bucket, Bitter Strawberry is the leading mobile company and mobile ad network. With excellent in-house affiliate marketers and full-stack researchers, they are the leading providers of mobile traffic monetization.
  • Involve Asia – We also had the chance to communicate with Involve Asia, the leading creator of affiliate programs for advertisers.
  • Fraud Score – Basically it performs risk analysis based on data checks, transaction details, and device tracking.
  • Shield Apps – This is one such software development company that deals with cyber privacy mainly, identity theft prevention, tracking software, PC security application etc.
  • Propeller Ads – It basically focuses on display and mobile advertising network.

Also, we were fortunate enough to have an interaction with all these other “Biggies” at the conference –

  • Traffic Junky
  • Zero Park
  • Gorilla
  • Hash Traffic
  • Coca Clicks

To be honest, we had a packed schedule and we had so much to learn from the experts, who attended the event. These two days were categorized into various events and we have amazing learning as well as fun experience. Day One and Day Two–This day is allotted to “Market”. More than a 100 companies are represented at the market. Here, they communicate with the leader of the industries and reputed allies to talk about the latest trends in the industry. They socialize to create new connections and make deals.

In addition to this, at the Affiliate World Conference, industry leaders are invited to share their experience, knowledge and innovative ideas by giving speeches. This was one event from which we have gathered tremendous knowledge.Sessions of Facebook, Native, Mobile occurs which is the perfect opportunity to mix and get acquainted with other marketers from this networking field.Night One and Night Two –Here at Affiliate World Asia, networking is the soul of the event. On the first night, there occurs a Networking Gala, which is attended by the best e-commerce and affiliate marketers of all time. This is the best place to connect with them and grow your business.On the second night (the FUN night!), all those who have attended the event are invited to the after party. Here, also interaction for business purpose goes on but mostly, this night is for celebrating.

E-commerce Mastery Live –This event is solely dedicated to e-commerce entrepreneurs. It is a whole-day workshop which focuses on giving training to these entrepreneurs on the latest tools and trends of the e-commerce world. At night, there is exclusively for VIP attendees. Referred as the Mastermind Dinner, it occurs at a lavish restaurant.We had an amazing experience at Affiliate World Asia 2018 and we are looking forward to our next visit in the year 2019.

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