Frequently Asked Questions

How I Can Start with Antedea?
Do I require onboarding services?
I wanted a service which is not listed. Do you offer other services?
Is it a 100% guaranteed business?
How much time does it require to complete a website?
How to pay? Do I have to pay in advance?
Will a particular developer be assigned to me fully?
Can I select my developer?
How many developers can I hire at once?
Can I switch in-between plans If I change my mind?
Can i get a refund if I cancel my plans?
What if a strategy doesn’t work?
Is it a In-House Team?
Are there any custom plans available?
Can we come and see your office?
What payment methods are accepted?
What is the minimum contract period?
Are there any custom plans?
Do you take hidden charges?
What sort of support is available for Antedea’s clients?

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