March 27, 2020

Affiliate Marketing Services in Estonia is The Best in Europe

Affiliate marketing is a popular form of digital marketing and is in high demand. Affiliate marketers earn every time when they make a sale either by promoting another company’s product or service. Affiliate marketing is considered one of the deadliest marketing strategies in Digital Marketing. It is a key strategy for every business in all industries to prosper. As the business market is huge and complex, the need for Affiliate Marketing is maximum. It is a simple online and promotional activity done by an “affiliate” with a tracing link in an “affiliate site” and is later redirected to the trader’s website. It is a way to approach and interact with online shoppers to purchase.

Affiliate Marketing service in Estonia is a great way to earn cash from promoting already popular products. All the marketer needs to do is to bring the audience and the products closer. It is far more easier than starting your own company. The entire process of marketing is quite easier and profit generation is relatively faster.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be also termed as reviews from a satisfied customer. Some of the key benefits are;

• Affiliate marketing allows both small and large companies to enghance their brand awareness
• Helps in aiding SEO through numerous backlinks via affiliate blogs, social pages and websites
• Draws more profits than expected
• Helps in building strong relationships with high volume affiliates
• Drives more website traffic
• It is cost effective
• Extend the approach of your brand
• Expand the size of potential customer base
• It is a great source of free advertisement

Affiliate Marketing Statistics

Around 63% businesses houses feel that the popularity of Affiliate Marketing is on its peak but generating leads and traffic is a challenge.

81% brands use affiliate marketing to acquire customer attention, engage with existing customers, increase brand awareness, increase website traffic and generate more sales

Nearly 70% marketers leverage affiliate marketing to drive conversions and increase purchases.

The most popular category in affiliate marketing is “Fashion”.

30% of all sales are generated via Affiliate Marketing

Out of many Europe social media marketing agencies, Antedea is quite popular. With our 10 years of experience in the Affiliate Marketing domain we focus on the major affiliates that are trusted by customers and have managed more than thousand campaigns. Social media is a part of our daily life and from an organization’s point of view, it helps in boosting yoiur website ‘s SEO, increase your leads and sales. Moreover, it even adds to Higher Conversion Rates with an increase in web traffic.

Apart form affiliate marketing services, we provide services like Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Reputation Marketing, Local Listings, Video Promotions, PPC, Facebook Ads and lots more.

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