Penalty Recovery

Reasons behind Google Penalty

We all know that the website represents the business in the online forum. What if your domain is blacklisted by Google? Or, say there appears one or more than one broken link in any of your web pages? The online business owners face the Google penalty because of practicing Black Hat SEO techniques. Isn’t it a serious concern?

Types of Google Penalty

Black Hat SEO techniques: Black hat SEO is a practice against the search engine guidelines, to get a site ranking higher in search results. These unethical tactics are often short-lived and end in a penalty from search engines. Black hat techniques involve keyword stuffing, cloaking, and using private link networks. Sustained uses of Black hat SEO techniques are likely to damage your online presence in search engines in the long run rather than improve it.

Broken Links: Broken links damage your website by stopping search engines website crawlers in their tracks and damaging rankings by preventing search engines from indexing the page. It even negatively affects user experience by redirecting visitors to error pages.

Drop in the Search Engine Ranking: Few websites and blogs grow like magic in the first few months of its development. But, out of a sudden, it starts to drop down and losing their visitors. This is a RED Flag for every business as well as website. The reason behind the drop in the ranking is due to the change in the algorithm of the search engines.

Best Penalty Recovery Services

Penalty problems are of a grave nature and require a speedy solution. There is no getting around it because error 404 pages are bad for businesses. If the website is over-optimized and experiencing a ranking drop and decreasing traffic or even getting suspended.

Look no further. Help is at hand.

Our expert team at Antedea has highly qualified professionals, working in this domain since 2011, who can look into the root cause of blacklisting, recover lost links, find valuable broken links to your website, and recover lost backlinks and many other services.

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